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  1. Howdy!

    Any chance you’ve come across a broken Cricut that had the issues I’m having which are:

    Green power light comes on, 2 left most light columns stay solid on.

    screen has 5-6 black boxes.

    I’ve tried the resetting procedure and nothing.

    Thanks in advance


  2. Hello there. I just came across your blog. Do you still fix Cricut Expression 2 machines? If so, can I send mine to you?

    • Sorry, the only ones I fix have been my own so far! Perhaps if you post your problem you may find someone else with the solution?

      • Hello again, I am wondering if you are fixing other people’s Cricut Expression 2 machines now? When I turn my machine on, the power button lights up, and then the machine just turns off. It does not even boot. PC has no answers. I only used my machine once before this happened, but I had it in the box, unopened for more than a year, and of course the warranty ran out. I think there might be a problem with the mother board. I tried a new power cord with the same results. Can you help? I hate to throw it away, but it is useless.

  3. Are you still hacking Circut hardware? I just picked up one of the 1st generation machines with firmware 1.0 and I’m trying and failing to get it to update it’s firmware.

    • What happens when you try? Did you hold down the “stop” button while powering the machine on to get it into “upgrade” mode?

      • I did, If I power the machine up without holding Stop down the feed motor spins, and I get one light on the keypad on, the LCD lights up and now with my ‘Fake George’ it tells me I have it loaded.

        If I hold down STOP while powering up I get 10 keypad lights on and a beep with I want to say 9 black boxes on the unlit LCD.

        In both cases my PC beeps to inform me I’ve connected a USB device.

        The Firmware update in either Craft Room or Design Studio seems to fail within seconds and I’m not certain how to debug further at this point.

        Do you have any suggestions? Have I got it into ‘Upgrade’ mode with the 10 lights lit?

        Did you have any problems updating your 1.0 firmware machine?

        • I’ve never actually done the upgrade on a Personal model, so unfortunately I don’t think I can help out here.

          • Bummer. Well thanks for responding. Maybe I’ll try and snag a broken unit off Ebay and see if I can swap the board or something. That or put freecut on it tho then I’m not sure what I’d control it with.

  4. Do you have any extra red reset buttons you could sell me? Mine is missing.

  5. Hi:
    I can help you with implementing HPGL or DMPL on the CRICUT.

    Venu Rao

    Email : venukrao@hotmail.com
    Phone : (408) 646 3625

  6. Hi, do you have replacement parts by any chance. I am in need of a blade housing for a cricut expressions. The machine was made about 2009-10. Thanks, Ginger

  7. Wondering if you happen to have a video or if you could create one for belt replacement? Thanks.

    • I don’t, but it’s a great idea! I have two machines that need new belts, but I have yet to actually order the replacement parts and fix them..

  8. Hi,

    Thank you very much for your helpful and great blog. I have a circuit expression. Turning the size wheel does not change the size. I am suspect that the little size wheel circuit board, and probably the encoder that the wheel is hooked on to, is defective. I was wondering if you have any spare size wheel circuit boards to sell?

    I will really appreciate it

    Best Regards

  9. Hi I am having g a power problem with my Cricut Expression. When you push The power button the machine doesn’t turn on. I did rest steps found on cricut Website. This did not help. But when you move the blade back and forth during rest process the lights flicker on and off. Do you know what problem might be ??? Please help 🙂
    Thank you

    • Hi there- the flickering lights are normal, it’s because you are actually generating some electricity when you move the carriage.
      Your power problem is either a dead power brick (do you know anyone else with a Cricut of any kind?), or otherwise most likely an issue with the 5 volt regulator on the main board.

      • Yes I know someone with a Cricut and I have tried there power cord and it did work. What do you think my next step should be?? I miss my Cricut so much 🙁

      • Hi not sure if I have the same problem. I was cutting with my cricut expression wanted to stop. So I pussed the stop button and my machine shut off. I tried to restart it and nothing happens it won’t ever light up. But the light on the power box still lights up. Can you please help.

  10. I have a box of Cricut Expression parts left over from the many machines we repaired.We no longer need them. Would you like to have them?

  11. Was wondering if you would be able to point me in the right direction. I have a cricut expression 2 and when I bought it did not realize I could not use my SCAL software with it. It seems from google searches that I need a PCCPLUGIN.DLL file to change the firmware in my machine to make it work with scal? Not sure, I’m not really good with stuff like this but I can’t find the file? Are you able to help? Or tell me what I can do to make it work with my SCAL software – I don’t want to buy their cartridges.

    • Hi Debbie ,
      I’m so sorry but I think you’re pretty much stuck with either cartridges or “Cricut Craftroom” which I’m not familiar with.

      The “pccplugin” thing was for Make-the-Cut (not Sure-Cuts-a-Lot) and hasn’t worked for quite some time now. Also I don’t think either program ever worked with the Expression 2. (only the 3 original machines)


      • Hi David,

        Thanks so much for getting back to me. I did find some info from someone who told me where to get the torrent – it had the old DesignStudio info and the SCAL softeware version needed and the firmware version for the cricut. It also had a readme file with it but it only told you what to do with the SCAL software it did not tell me what to do with the firmware. As far as I can tell, (and please tell me if I’m wrong) but the firmware can only be manipulated through their “software” and with the old version of DesignStudio – it give you the option to update your firmware to the version I need (which is the expression selection on the screen) but then it tells me that it can’t find my cricut and I’m assuming because I have an expression 2 and not an expression – I’m ready to throw it out the window!! Thanks for replying to me!


        • Yeah.. unfortunately the expression 2 is a completely different machine under the covers, and you can’t simply use the “original” expression firmware. Im certain that PC provides a way to upgrade Expression 2 firmware, probably through their Craft Room. But, it’s very unlikely that SCAL will start working with it post-upgrade.

          If it works I want to know of course 🙂

  12. Hi. I borrowed a friends cricut personal cutter and it was working fine. I purchase a new monogram cartridge and it would cut some fine and then square or angle off letters every time when connected via usb. I sent a customer service question and they said change the blade, blah blah. I saw your fix for the loose wires and yes, it looks like the wires may be a little loose. I tried the reset first but forgot to push the carrier all the way back to the right after doing all the steps. Now when i turn it on, it goes through its process, moves all the way to the right and vibrates horrifically. It is locked in that position until i turn the power off. I am worried i upset the alignment. I can’t do the reset process again with the power on becuase once it does the loud buzz and vibrating, the cartridge is locked. If i push stop it shows. Cancelling on the screen but never gets there. If i turn it off, it will do the same thing over and over. 🙁

    • if it makes the horrible noise, there is a problem with the “reset” button inside the right end of the machine (where the carriage sleeps at night). Either the button is broken, or one of its wires is cut or broken.

  13. I’ve read all your detailed instructions, but I don’t think I can do it. The LED screen will not light up. Its been sitting up for a year or so, used a couple times. Couldn’t I just send you my cricut expression and you fix it for me? I’ll pay for your time and shipping. Thanks for the consideration.

    • I’m sorry, I really can’t do this. It would cost at least $50 to ship both ways, and I just don’t have the time or skills to promise a fix in every case or within a reasonable timeframe.

  14. I was using my expression and all of a sudden was prompted to update my firmware. I’m not sure what happened but after I finished my last cut and started the update my cutting unit made a horrible grinding noise when in pulled all the way to the right and kind of stuttered and then stopped. I tried to continue updating but I guess this issue caused the update to fail as well. Now it does the grinding noise every time I turn it on and starts to heat up on the right side panel if I try to do it multiple times. Help please!!

  15. I have a Cricut Explore with a flashing red light in the power button and with the cutting mat stuck under the rails, it just doesn’t move. How can I reset it or get the mat free so I can try to work with it?
    Thank you in advanced

  16. I have an E2. The mechanism on the left side that holds the mat down and moves it as the blade cuts does not apply enough pressure to securely hold the mat. This causes uncontrolled movement of the mat, on the left side, during the cutting which prevents the images from being cut properly. The mechanism on the right side holds the mat tightly enough that I can pull it out easily when the mat is loaded. I am able to easily pull the mat out, after loading it, on the left side. Is there a way to adjust the tension of this mechanism? Or replace it? I have a picture I can send that shows the mechanical part I am talking about.

    • Hi there- I’ve not seen the inside of an E2, but the original Expression had a spring inside one end of the machine that provides the clamping pressure. Perhaps yours has a spring inside the left cover that has become weak or even maybe fallen off its hooks. I have seen them come off at least once, but I have no idea how that occurs. If you can figure how to remove the side covers I recommend you do that and see if anything looks amiss.

      A second possibility is maybe the little rubber o-ring around the roller has broken off or become loose somehow?

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