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How my Dulcimers turned out

Well, after a long delay, I'm finally back to post some updates.

It took me about a month, but I finished building my dulcimer around May of last year, and it turned out really nice! I've been playing for almost a year now and really having a great time with it.


Here's another photo of it, hanging next to the one my dad made as a wedding gift for my mom in 1964.

Between them is an experimental one I made from HDF (hardboard). I wanted to know if I could make one completely from laser-cut pieces.

The answer is yes, but that HDF is a lousy tonewood. I ended up bandsawing it in half in a fit of frustration and discovered it makes a very nice wall hanger.


Here's another one of the HDF dulcimer.. I love the design of it, my next real dulcimer will look very similar, but I'll use a pegbox more like the one my dad made (like on the teardrop dulcimer above).








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  1. Hi –
    Doesn’t look like this blog is very active, but maybe you will see this.
    I read your Dad’s “how to make and play” book sometime in the late 1960’s, built one dulcimer and sort of learned to play it. Came across an old polaroid photo of it recently and started recollecting the book and record. I found your blog entry (from 2012) but sadly the links aren’t working any more. And the CD doesn’t seem to be available either. I would love to find the book and music. Would appreciate any suggestions.
    I built that dulcimer at a time when I was a confused, geeky teenager, and it gave me a great feeling of accomplishment. Almost made up for my complete lack of musical talent.
    – MW

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