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How my Dulcimers turned out

Well, after a long delay, I'm finally back to post some updates.

It took me about a month, but I finished building my dulcimer around May of last year, and it turned out really nice! I've been playing for almost a year now and really having a great time with it.


Here's another photo of it, hanging next to the one my dad made as a wedding gift for my mom in 1964.

Between them is an experimental one I made from HDF (hardboard). I wanted to know if I could make one completely from laser-cut pieces.

The answer is yes, but that HDF is a lousy tonewood. I ended up bandsawing it in half in a fit of frustration and discovered it makes a very nice wall hanger.


Here's another one of the HDF dulcimer.. I love the design of it, my next real dulcimer will look very similar, but I'll use a pegbox more like the one my dad made (like on the teardrop dulcimer above).








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