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Last Broken Cricut, Fixed!

Woo woo, I'm now 6 for 6 on repairing the "broken" Cricuts I got off eBay. (ok, Danny M. gets 95% of the credit for the one with the busted middle-layer board traces)

The last holdout was a Personal model, which would beep three times when powered up. Nothing from the LCD, all the keyboard lights would come on.

I started by plugging a known-good power supply into it, just in case, but it didn't make any difference.

Next, I removed the bottom cover where the motherboard lives, and immediately spotted the culprit. The LCD header was unplugged.

After plugging it back in and powering it back up, angels sang, it started right up and gave me the "Cricut 1.0 OK"!

Incidentally, I had been wondering if the earliest firmware versions had perhaps not been read-only, so I plugged in my handy programmer card and attempted to download the firmware.

At first I thought I had hit paydirt, the file was NOT all 0s like the others, but alas, I realized the bytes were all sequential numbers in an interesting pattern (high-byte increasing across, low byte increasing downwards).

This machine looks pretty much unused and gleaming. I wonder if it was bad right from the factory? How else could a header just come unplugged like that?

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  1. Hi,
    My wife is now the proud owner of a semi-dead CRV0001 (Personal). The power button light illuminates, the LCD panel is dead and the keypad blinks a few keys on the right a couple of times then fades away. Do you think this sounds like a loose wire connector/bad solder joint or is it more likely to be electronics? I’ve pulled the base off and checked the voltage to the power connector which is 18v.

    It’s out of warranty, so I’m just trying to work out whether to pull it apart completely and investigate or send it off for certified repair. I prefer the first option but was stumped as to how the side panels come off without too much force. Any hits on the disassembly procedure would be greatly appreciated.


    • I haven’t seen that one before, but it’s not hopeless. For the end caps, try something thin and strong like a credit card (that you don’t care about). Push it in between the end cap and the trim ring from the sides and use it to release the “fingers” one at a time, pulling outwards at the same time to keep them from snapping back in.

      Chances are these won’t really help you, sounds more like a power problem. I had one that would flash on and off over and over again, the power adapter was putting out 18v, but as soon as there was any load on it, it would shut off and start over. So, if you have access to another (known good) adapter or power supply (18v 2A I think), I might try that first if you possibly can.

      Next, take a photo of the board to keep track of the connectors (there are one or two that can fit in 2 possible places), unplug them all, and remove the board from the base plate. Look very closely for bad and broken solder joints, especially around the power section. One of mine had a broken lead at the inductor next to the 5V regulator, which had come disconnected from two middle layer traces leading to the regulator. Test with your voltmeter around the 5V regulator and CPU power pins to see if it’s getting the proper voltage. Earlier 2-layer boards are easier to troubleshoot than the 3-layer ones which can be a drag.

      Let me know what you find!

      • I have sorta the same problem. The machine comes on but the lights on the panel don’t. It works just fine. I just have to use it with a computer and software since you can’t see anything on the screen you can’t use a cartridge. Any ideas??

  2. Thanks for the tips. I’m hoping to have another shot at it this weekend.

  3. Same problem with us. I took it apart and sketched out the schematic a bit. I think I shorted something in the relay with my scope probes on the power card that caused ‘er to kick right back in and start working again 🙂

  4. The size dial on the machine moves but the size on screen doesn’t. its stuck on 3 inches. This machine is out of warranty and and only used twice, so I am baffled. Any suggestions on what I can try? its an expressions machine.

    • The dials often break if the machine falls over, you could also try popping off the right side cover to see if theres anything obviously wrong with the dial or its wiring. I’ve found more than one with a wire broken at the connector, or simply come unplugged. The dials are plugged into the main processor board which can be seen by removing the 7 phillips screws on the bottom of the machine.

      • I opened the bottom today and took a look, everything looks like its is connected properly (but I am just a house wife)
        Maybe you should open up a shop and fix these things for other people……………could make some good money that way, sounds like lots of people are frustrated with their broken cricuts.

      • My size wheel is also stuck. I took of the side cover and saw that processor board is broken. Do you know how to get a replacement part for this?

  5. Help the little piece that dose the actual cutting is stuck and it makes a loud noise when you turn it on. I can move it with my hands and it will return back to the starting position but won’t move on it’s own it lights up and everything else works fine. when looking on line lots of people have this problem but haven’t seen any solutions on how to fix it any suggestions? ( out of warranty don’t want to have to mess with or have to send it back.)

    • This one totally sounds to me like the wires for the little home switch have a disconnect somewhere. Take off the bottom cover and first check that all the cables at the right side are firmly connected. This one has two wires, red and white I -think-. Next you’ll need to get the right side cover off and check inside there. I had one once where the wires had gotten caught between sharp metal edges and the plastic side cover.

  6. Hi!

    Any suggestions on this problem: One prong from the power supply broke off and lodged itself in the mother board, any suggestions on removing it? If we can do that all I need is a new power cord and my cricut imagine is up and running! Thank you hope to hear from you soon!

  7. I have the 6 inch machine. A few days ago the lid with the reader board won’t illuminate. Any suggestions?

    • I don’t understand what you mean by “lid with the reader board.” Does the machine still work otherwise, or is it failing to power up completely?

  8. Have an expression that would get a green light but that was it. messed around some and got it to do something by playing with the BD327 power transistor.. I thought maybe it had gotten loosened up orsomething, so I traced the traces, put jumpers to make sure no broken traces etc.. Now what it will do is turn on, the lcd will flash, the stepper motor will move the cutter a short distance to the left (away from home) then the LCD will go out.. about a second later, will flash again (very briefly, MAYBE .10 / .25 sec, if I pay attention I can tell it has firmware 2.31 :D) it will just do this forever.. I’ve looked at the power input and it’s not moving, staying right at 18v.. the main voltage reg has a nice constant 5 v out.. but the one mentioned above, and some other components you can put the meter on them and see the voltage build to about 10, the LCD will flash, the stepper will step and then the voltage drops to about 5.. then builds again over the next couple of seconds and do it over and over and over.. ANY thoughts?

    • Not clear what you’re saying – is the input power stable 18v, or does it drop to 5 when the stepper tries to pull some current?

      This sounds exactly like what mine acted like when it had a faulty power adapter…

      Any chance you’ve got a spare you can try?

      • No, it stays nice and steady 18v.. so not that easy..
        the voltage reg is putting out 5v constant (the one with 5 legs on it). There is the adjustable voltage reg that is mounted by itself with the 3 wires running to it, and then the power transistor…

  9. Well, doing more checking after actually replacing one of the adjustable voltage regs and still didnt make a difference, just started probing.. found the Vcc pad on the far end of the PCB *away from power input* probed it and still was getting the rising and falling voltage.. Knowing the Vcc is a constant and should normally be in the 5v range or so… I jumpered from the 5 pin regulator to the Vcc pad.. and BAM it worked!! So now, I have an extra expression on the way because I had kind of given up on this one lol.. Not 100% sure it’s fixed ‘right’ but everything works well, so whatever I’ve bypassed, works for me 🙂

  10. Hi.

    I have just tried to combine two faulty Cricut Create machines to make one good one.

    My first problem is that the motherboard on one has a fried L4 component located near to the power inlet and just a bit below that and over to the left is a cracked C44. Do you know the value of these components so that I might be able to replace them. (photo available)

    Second machine has just one line (top) of the LCD showing without a backlight.
    After testing the LCD from a good machine it is not the LCD at fault, and after testing for voltage on the feed cable I appear to be missing 12volt between the red one and the one at the far end, it is around 4.5 volts instead (12 v on the good one) all other voltages match. Any idea where the missing supply could be hiding?


  11. Hi,

    My Cricut Expression makes a grinding noise when it powers on. Everything looks like it will work it even tries to cut but it doesn’t move properly and is all messed up. The grinding has gotten worse and it acts like it is cutting but, alas, not correctly. I tried the reset button tricks with no luck. Any ideas? ProvoCraft says it will have to be replaced…”but even if you did have it repaired it would cost as much as our reconditioned one that is on sale”. So, maybe it can be repaired?


    • I suspect the carriage belt is loose – check the tension with your finger, it should be fairly tight.. see if the carriage is straight on the track and all the wheels in the groove.. etc.. Secondly do check those limit switch wires.

      Yes, the problem with repair is it’s just not cost effective for the customer or repair shop; its generally cheaper to buy a working one from ebay ($50?) or perhaps PC’s reconditioned one (how much are they?). You could likely save a little money by getting one that doesn’t come with cartridges, blade holder, and so on.

  12. Hey there. I’m wondering if you have an email address where I could contact you? I have a cricut personal cutter that is not working (not powering on). Problem is, I borrowed it from a friend so if I can’t get it working, I’m going to have to buy them a new one!!

  13. HI – I now have 2 faulty cricut expression 2 in my posession and wondering if I could fix either before I send them back. The first one isn’t cutting. It is making all the correct movements and is even lightly scoring in places – after googling it appears its a common problem to do with pressure in the blade housing, but can it be fixed???
    The second cuts TOO well!! When the blade is moving across the mat to starting point, it is scoring the paper along the line travelled and its also doing the sane when it’s finished cutting and returning to its home position. Again I’m guessing its a pressure problem, but opposite to the first!!! Any help would be appreciated if possible xx

    • The “not enough cutting pressure” problem does seem to be a common problem! Unfortunately none of my machines have this issue so I haven’t been able to try diagnosing it. If you were in the US I’d offer to buy it from you to give it a try 🙁

      On your second issue, “cutting TOO well”, have you tried the fix I wrote about in the “Cricut Repair Tips” article regarding bent leaf springs in the carriage?

  14. We purchased a Provo Craft Cricut Image. It goes through all of the startup functions until it get to where the cartridge needs to drop down into the cartridge carriage. It will not go any further. Do you have any idea how to correct this problem?

  15. Hey There, have you ever found a solution for the failed USB port problem? PC doesn’t even know something’s plugged in, port seems dead so no PC based cutting options which is why I bought it in the first place…please email if you have any thoughts…thanks!

    • Many people have posted about this, only one has reported a fix, which was (I believe) actually replacing the USB connector on the board. I’d be willing to make the attempt and document it if you want to pay for shipping both ways.

  16. I have a cricut create machine. I went to turn my cricut on today and they only button that lights up is my power button. The green piece that holds the needed won’t move. What do I need to do? Please, help me!

  17. Would you be willing fix it for me? If I sent it to you and paid for shipped both ways?

  18. Perhaps you can help…I have a cricut expression and when I turn it on, the power button lights up and makes a tick, but nothing else happens. I emailed provo and they recommended using a new plug, done that-and still nothing. Do you have any suggestions for this problem?

  19. Hi. I’m BEGGING for your help because provocraft is being (in my opinion) jerks. When my house burned down and I lost my family, they told me to purchase another circut the same way i did the first one and that new one would be covered the way the old one would. Now, 8 months later, the screen fades to white if the machine is on more than 5 minutes or so. If i turn it off, it will go back to a picture, but i’m getting shorter and shorter usage time out of it again and again before the screen fades to un-usable. The provocraft representatives are insistant that this is “my fault” for my buying from an unauthorized dealer – even though they told me to get it the same way i got it before – i just happened to pick a different vendor – so they refuse to honor their own warranty. How do i fix or trouble shoot this screen, where do i get parts, and if all else fails,where are “authorized dealers” who still carry imagines? I’m desperate at this point. Thanks so much.. i’m terminally ill so i may not get back on this page so if you don’t mind shooting the answer to this to my personal email address i’d appreciate it muchly.. thanks again!

    S. Ravin

    • Hi. I’m BEGGING for your help because provocraft is being (in my opinion) jerks. When my house burned down and I lost my family, they told me to purchase another circut the same way i did the first one and that new one would be covered the way the old one would. Now, 8 months later, the screen fades to white if the machine is on more than 5 minutes or so. If i turn it off, it will go back to a picture, but i’m getting shorter and shorter usage time out of it again and again before the screen fades to un-usable. The provocraft representatives are insistant that this is “my fault” for my buying from an unauthorized dealer – even though they told me to get it the same way i got it before – i just happened to pick a different vendor – so they refuse to honor their own warranty. How do i fix or trouble shoot this screen, where do i get parts, and if all else fails,where are “authorized dealers” who still carry imagines? I’m desperate at this point. Thanks so much.. i’m terminally ill so i may not get back on this page so if you don’t mind shooting the answer to this to my personal email address i’d appreciate it muchly.. thanks again!

      S. Ravin

      • Hi Steph- I agree, PC are being jerks for blaming you. Unfortunately I cannot help :(. I don’t think the Imagine is still being produced, which means there wouldn’t be any authorized dealers. I’ve seen plenty of broken ones on eBay in the past, so you could try getting one for parts, but I’ve never had my hands on one to even begin to try and diagnose the issue. Hopefully someone will see your note here and offer help.

        If you want a reliable machine I’m afraid you will need to find another brand, like the KNK Zing.

  20. I have a cricut expression 2 and the plastic protector over the lcd screen is missing cricut says that is the brain and it is unrepairable it turns on and everything but doesn’t recognize anything on screen is it repairable

  21. I have a cricut expression and after updating the firmware the LCD is garbled and the cutter doesn’t line up correctly. Can you tell me how to fix this?

  22. OK so I was wondering about the belt on a cricut expression I bought. the belt was cut and I need to place it. How do I do it? Where do I get a belt?

    • I’ve not found an exact replacement yet- but:
      If you measure the width and teeth-per-inch and go to grainger or other industrial or robot supply, I bet you can find something that will fit.
      I don’t how how to handle the metal ends of the original belt (and dont have one in front of me), but maybe perhaps metal pieces can be transferred to the new belt and reused somehow?
      I would be grateful if you would post your results here if you try this!

  23. Can the dial size assembly be replaced on an expression? I have a picture of my damaged one if you would like to see it. I can’t find the part ANYWHERE. I really love my expression and don’t have money to get another. Any help would be greatly appreciated! I upload picture to Google Drive so you can see them.

  24. I have the cricut expression (CREX001) I went to turn it on and it doesnt work. The lights for the power button, the creative features buttons and the buttons to the right of the screen keep flashing and clicking. It basically just keeps doing that, the screen is blank and the needle sort of jumps as well. None of the buttons work except power. Can you help me?

  25. Hi I was recently given a used Cricut machine without the manual. I looked it up online and read it. Initially the machine would turn on, the lcd screen was fine however the keypad would not work but instead light up flashing green. Later it somehow worked and I was able to use it quite a bit until it started doing this again. I consulted the person I got it from and it has happened to her as well but she doesn’t know what to do. Do you have any idea what it might be and how to fix it? I’m on a tight deadline for some work with it.

  26. I’m having the same problem as Cheryl above. “Power” is the only button that works, but when pressed the lights flash is short bursts and the blade jumps. Power supply seems fine – happened overnight. Worked yesterday just fine, today not so much. ???

  27. We found the wires disconnected that control the limit switch. Can’t be plugged back in because it is broke. Ideas on how to reconnect it?

    • I believe radio shack sells pushbutton switches that are nearly identical. I don’t know whether the existing one is “normally open” or “normally closed”. If you have a multimeter you can test for yourself. Otherwise I can check and write back when I return home this evening.

  28. My size dial motherboard broke in half. It is stuck at 5 1/2″. Can i fix it myself or is there a place where I purchase a new one?

    • There’s no ready supply of spares, but I might be able to find you one. If I were you I would first try to rig up something because there are only a couple of wires to each dial. Maybe glue a couple popsicle stick pieces to the board to splint it together, and solder a couple short pieces of wires to reconnect the connections that broke?

  29. I have a Cricut Create CRV2001. It powers on, and the function buttons on the left, the left three rows of small square buttons that light up the mat , and the off, stop, and cut buttons light up. However, there is no sound or movement, and the small LCD screen doesn’t light up. I pushed the red reset button, and also tried to get the “beep” by pushing the stop, and then turning the machine on….no beep. I was hoping I could reinstall/update drivers. Any ideas on other things I can try?

  30. Hoping For Some Tips. Bought A Used Cricut Personal And Have Discovered It Has A ShoRt In Or Around He Power Button. I Know It Sounds Wierd But If You Tap THe Side Of The Cricu Where The Power Button Is It Flashes On And If You Hit The Button At The Same Time It Will Come On. Any Tips On How To Go About Repairing It? I RealLy Appreciate Your Time.

    • If you remove right side cover, it will reveal the guts of the power button – see if anything looks loose or damaged – see if you can isolate the place you have to poke it to make it come on. It does sound there’s a bad connection in there somewhere.

  31. Hi, I appreciate your blog as I have successfully fixed several Expressions for resale. I have a personal cutter at the moment that won’t even power on but when I slide the blade carriage to the left a section of buttons flash on the left side of the keypad. I tried searching for info on how to fix this but came up with nothing. Do you have any ideas for me? I appreciate any help you can offer!

  32. I have a Cricut Cake. The top row on the keyboard quit working. Any ideas on what I could check?

  33. Bought a cricut cake fro craiglist and it wont turn on, i open it and it sees the dial key board motherboard is burned by the power push botton any suggestion, mother board say creatine expression.

    • You say it looks burned? The main power wires go up into the keyboard at the right side and pass through a relay, possibly a bad connection in there caused a hot spot that eventually failed.. With a multimeter and eyeballs, finding & replacing burnt part(s) and/or broken connections will probably resuscitate it..
      I can sell you a known-working keyboard for $15 (or $10 if you swap me your old one), shipped (US only), with instructions how to replace it if you want to try that; but I can’t guarantee it will fix the issue.

  34. hi
    I have a cricut E2 that I am trying to get to cut all the way through the paper or very very thin card I want it to cut . it goes through all the motions of cutting but it is as if there is not enough pressure to go through the last bottom layer of the card . if you put a little pressure on the green blade housing it will go through . I did try your idea of pinching the springs together and that had it working for a while but now it has reverted back to this .I have opened it up and checked all the wires one was a bit loose but that has not solved the problem . when you touch the arm it does bounce a little so that is moving freely . any help would be great .

    • Hi there- I can think of three possible reasons for the problem-

      – mechanical (tested by pushing down on the carriage with your finger with the power off; make sure it moves smoothly all the way down and back without noticeable resistance. -this is what the “leaf spring” fix addresses)

      – cutter solenoid power wire solder joints cracked – sometimes the wires to the cutter coil “seem” attached, but the solder joint is cracked from moving up and down and greatly reduces the power available to the cutter.- fix this with a soldering iron to re-melt the solder joints.

      – power supply (some problem in the cutter power path from the large diode near the main power input jack on the motherboard, over to the small power regulator screwed to the metal chassis, to the cutter solenoid transistors, then through the small wires up to the carriage)

      • Thanks for the info I will get husband to have a look at the soldiering and try that . It was the leaf spring that was the problem in the first place and your instructions helped to fix that as it was not cutting at all but you could use a pen in it to draw .

  35. While using my cricut it stoped, shut off and smell all electrical. Power shows green on the plug but noting working on the power button or screen. Any idea?

  36. I have a CRV001
    I was using it. Went to do another cut and the entire bottom row of “keys” quit working.
    What can I do?
    Thanks in advance!!!!

  37. Hi,
    I was in process of using my cricut expression when I noticed that the screen went black I tried resetting but it did not work… Will I need a new screen:( or can this issue be resolved bytroubleshooting

  38. Please, any one can tell me where to find CREX001 replacement parts? The little belt is broken, I appreciate your help, thanks a lot.

  39. So I have two problems….first one is my Cricut personal..the lcd screen keeps fading more and more every time I use it. My next problem is my nephews girlfriend gave me her expression. She could never figure it out so she thought it was just user error. She was wrong. Something is up with the machine. It’s over a year old so warranty is up. When I put in the image to cut it starts to and stops after about 5 seconds and then freezes. I press stop it says cancelling and goes no further. I cannot unload paper or.anything. I have to turn off the machine and back on for it.to release the paper. I tried the reset trick…red button..turn knobs up and down and turnoff for a half hour. Sometimes after doing this I can get one cut in and then it acts up again. I called cricut and they are baffled. My firmware is up to date and I have tried other cartridges. Some it won’t even read yet they work in my.personal. also the original power cord got lost so I have been using the power cord to my personal. Could that have any affect? Please help! Thanks

  40. My expression size dial stuck and wont go to another size what can I do?

  41. Hi I am having the same problem as Lisa! I have had my cricut for a while but never used pinkie only twice. I have never been able to use the dial size as it has never worked. I never called the cricut company because I thought it was something I was doing.Now I know that it is not me but my machine. How can I fix the speed dial so that I can actually use it.

  42. Thanks to you I purchased a useday personal cricut which all lights were flashing. You said try another power source and it works perfectly. I paid $2 and $0.50 for this at the Goodwill thank you for all of your help

  43. I have the original cricut and its symptoms sound a lot like the Limit switch issue you listed. however when dismantling it i found no damage on the wires. Any suggestions?

    • unplug the switch and test it using an ohmmeter at the switch connector where it attaches to the main board. the resistance should be alternately infinite and 0 when you press and release the button. Perhaps the problem is inside the switch or otherwise hard to see.

      • Thanks for the input, I have removed virtually everything i could however i cant find a way to tear down the cricut much further. Can you recomend a resource to help disassemble it?

  44. I have power but no beeps!! I have checked the connections and they are all tight! Any suggestions that I can try??

  45. my blet that holds my blade on my cricket expression came off how do i fix it

  46. My question is I had the same issue with the grinding noise when the carriage goes to the right. We checked the wires they are all good we reset the button and it still won’t fix it I have the cricut expression


    • perhaps disconnect the button by unplugging the connector from the motherboard inside the bottom cover – and verify with a multimeter that the resistance between the two wires changes from 0 to infinity and back as you press and release the button? Ive seen buttons that were broken internally. Don’t have any other ideas sorry.

    • Mine started doing this today. Did you get yours fixed? TIA Heather

  47. I have a cricut CRV001 it comes on, left area of keyboard lights up, top half of cut bottom lights up, digital board has about 6 squares on it. Have tried resetting about 4 times. Nothing! Any ideas!

  48. I have a cricut expression MODEL NO. CREX001 was in the basement closet and we had a flood I forgot it was in there but I just try to use it and I plug it in and it comes on and lights up the rollers turn put will not work when I push the buttons.
    I was thinking and I try to clean the rust out around the plug do you thing it could be the mother board

    • I’m afraid any number of things could be wrong after a good soaking in water. The machine is very likely beyond repair I’m afraid.

  49. Hello, I am not sure if you have already answered this question. We have a cricut personal and after doing a firmware update from the cricut design studio. It stopped working. It will power on, the screen is blank and half the keys light up green but thats it. We tried doing the suggested reset, moving dial three days and hitting the red button but after several attempts, we are left with the same issue.

  50. Hello. I just got an expression, used, shipped to me. It turns on when you power up but the carriage doesn’t move at all and makes a grinding sound. Also, the lcd screen stays on the copyright/version screen. I cannot get it to do anything else with the screen. I have reset it and updated the firmware, still doesn’t work. I cannot move the carriage when its turned on. It worked perfectly fine before it was shipped.

    • I can’t say what exactly is wrong, but something is keeping the end-stop button from working. (the “reset” button in the right side where the cutter carriage lives) I’ve seen these buttons fall apart, or the wire falls off, or gets cut by sharp metal inside the right cover. I would take off the right side cover and check the button and its wires for anything obviously wrong, and also using a multimeter, make sure that the resistance across the button goes from 0 to infinity when you press and release the button.

  51. I’m so glad to have found this thread!!! OK, here’s my issue. I just picked up a used Cricut Expression last night. I got it home eager to play and started it right up. All indication, from other items in this sale, point to a well-cared for machine. The display screen still had its protective plastic film on and it was taped in the flat position. It appeared as if it had been taped down by the manufacturer and the original owner never took it off or lifted the screen up. The machine started right up without a problem and the display was clear and bright. It immediately informed me there was no cartridge in the machine. I turned the machine off, put in a cartridge and then (like a dummy) I lifted up the screen. It took only minutes to realize the screen was not responding to dial, setting and mode changes. The machine was functioning perfectly–absolutely perfectly! The more I played with the screen, the worse it got. At one point it came on with scattered, fuzzy lines of incomprehensible dribble. Then it just went black. I tried turning on and off, unplugging and re-plugging, went through the elaborate reset process I found online (hold down the red button behind the cartridge carriage, rotate all dials up and down three time, wait 20 min. etc.) and I downloaded the software and performed both firmware updates—one from Cricut Design Studio and one from Craft Room. Still nothing. Through all of this the machine functions beautifully. But I have no idea what size, pressure, and speed I’m cutting. Without the screen, I assume I’m going to get frustrated very quickly. It’s like driving a Mack truck blind! I’ve read some things on this thread that seem to indicate it could be as simply as a connector unplugged. I’m certain the problem happened when I lifted the screen. I’m guessing the original owner never lifted the screen and when I did, it broke. Please tell me there’s an easy and cheap fix. I got an awesome deal on this machine and the accompanying accessories and I don’t want it to become a money pit or worse…money lost.

  52. Hello
    I own a Cricut expression (the original).
    I need your advice. The blade do the right design but it won’t cut enough deep, even if I put high pressure and blade at 6.

    It’s start after My Cricut cut with a mat that was not place right.

    Any idea for me?

  53. Expression 2 lcd not responding to stylus pressing icons more than 10 times nothing works hard reset wont get me past blue screen I get a frozen screen

    • I am having this same issue with the blue screen with a plus sign in the middle! I turned my cricut on and it wouldn’t load passed the welcome screen so I did a hard reset and can’t get passed the blue.

  54. Regarding a Cricut Expression. Been cutting designs for a rose project. I have not moved the Size wheel so they would all turn out close to the same size. Over the last week the size of my cuts started getting smaller so I had to increase the setting on the wheel.
    After noticing the problem I cut a simple Test circle on a 4in setting. Came out 2in dia. As I continued cutting I ran more Tests inbetween. 2nd time 4in now = 1in. Cut a couple more flowers and ran the Test. 4in now = .75in or 3/4inch. Having to set cutter to a 12 to get my same 4in circle and flower.
    Went thru factory reset when problem 1st started, didnt help. Tried again just before entering this into the blog, Still got same problem, Cut size still down to less than an inch circle with size set at 4in. Each time I used it to cut another flower it got smaller and I had to increase cut size on wheel to get my 4inch diameter cut.
    Reset didnt help and I am about to the max on my Size Wheel. Any clue to what just started happening? 1st problem I have ever had with it. Always worked like a champ, right size, clean cuts and turned out good. Still cuts great. All my cuts are 1/3 or less of the size I set the cutting wheel to. Please Help….
    Thank you!!

  55. Hi, I’ve noticed you haven’t responded to the last few problems, so I’m not sure you are still helping out with Cricut problems.
    But here is my problem. I have a CE2 I bought brand new a few years ago. Recently, well actually I’m on my second Explore, the newest. I arranged to pass the CE2 on to my niece, but in the process of showing her how it worked, we came across a problem. When selecting an icon, the machine would put the icon that was left of the one I selected on the bar. If I wanted the mat screen I would have to touch on the tools setting. Nothing seemed to work properly on the touchscreen. I tried the restore and reformat and updating the firmware but when it came to calibrating the screen, it froze on the bottom right cross hair. The machine is now frozen on that screen. I called Cricut, no help there. They basically said it wasn’t fixable. Was offered a $50 coupon for an upgrade. Is this machine repairable or not? Thank you.

    • I recently had the same problem. I was told by Cricut “support” that I needed to upgrade to a newer machine. Did you ever find a solution?

  56. I have a cricut expression and after updating the firmware the LCD is garbled. Can you tell me how to fix this?

  57. I have a cricut imagine and the screen is cracked. How do I find the parts to replace it?

  58. I have a Cricut Expression and it was not powering on. When I looked at the plug in area on the back I saw right into the machine. I took the 7-8 screws off the bottom and saw that the little black plastic (and metal) piece that you plug the power cord in to had broken off…is this fixable? Or is it a lost cause? I tried using a little super glue but it wasnt strong enough to hold in place so that the metal is touching the metal. Not sure if this needs to be soldered together. HELP PLEASE!!

    • its entirely possible to solder new power leads to the place where the old ones broke off, or otherwise repair the broken connections. super glue alone definitely won’t suffice for power connections. if the old power socket is broken, you’ll need to find something new to substitute for it.

  59. I have a cricut expression 2. Recently I was using winter wonderland cartridge and it worked for while. Then cartridge when inserted in cartridge port will not return touch screen to user. Other cartridges are inserted and touch screen returns. Contacted cricut customer service and they said nothing can be done except link cartridge. Can you help?

  60. Hello! This is an awesome site- thank you so much for sharing your info with us! I recently was given a Cricut Expression 2. It has never been used, as the LCD screen seems to be burned out and it wasn’t noticed until after the warranty had expired. It turns on just fine and the buttons light up, but the screen seems very light and faded. I can slightly make out the original words when it powers on, but then it goes to dark blue lines. I’ve reset it multiple times and downloaded all of the software like the online chat help from Cricut told me to do. Still having the same issue. Any help you could provide would be much appreciated!

    • Hi there- I’ve never messed with the expression 2, but I think your best shot at fixing it might be finding another broken one (with a different problem) and start swapping parts. Its always possible that your problem is instead due to some kind of bad connection, broken or pinched wire, perhaps in the cable connecting the screen and main board of the unit.

  61. I have a cricut expression crex001 and it will not turn on. the adapter is green and when tested with a multimeter the adapter is good. i contacted the Cricut company and they said it is hardware and i need to buy a new machine. i removed the bottom case and there is nothing disconnected or burnt looking or broken. i am not sure what to do now.

  62. Have a Cricut Expression after firmware update worked fine,next time turned machine on and only power button lites up. Did all the resets and had circuit board out all looks good. Anyone else had this problem?

  63. How do i get the wheels back on the tracks? Not sure why they are off but they are

    • two of the wheels are fixed, and one is on a tensioner spring. if you can’t figure it out you might get some more room to work with by detaching the drive belt – it unhooks off a post on the back-right side of the cutter carriage.

  64. My cricut personal cutter will power on…the power button, the cut button and the left control buttons on the keyboard all light up……..nothing on the led screen. It beeps 3 times and the roller bars never move. Any suggestions

  65. My expression is frozen. The following lights are on an can not be turned off
    *The power light
    *all the 2 left columns of the keyboard are lit
    *portrait, quantity, fit to page, and flip

    I have done the reset where you press the red button for 3 seconds. I have tried unsuccessfully to update the firmware, which I find odd since I use it as a stand alone machine. I have done chat and talked to a person at Provo. They said I need to get the explore. They were not helpful at all.
    Any advice?

  66. Hi. I have a cricut explore that has just started blinking red when I try to load the mat. The power light flashes over and over again. It is almost like the cutting mechanism won’t go. As soon as I hit the load button the machine makes a noise and won’t move any further. I tried downloading updates to firmware, didn’t work. I have tried moving the cutting mechanism back and forth to remove dust, didn’t work. I tried ensuring it was plugged in, was. I even contacted the cricut chat twice, and the guy tried to log in to my computer virtually, but he could never get in. It was zero help. I am at my wits end.

  67. The little prong on the back of my Cricut Expression 2 is loose and I can’t get it to stay in place long enough to plug in my cord. I was able to grasp it with tweezers and plugged it in for a split second and the machine powered on, but kicked back off. I did this 2-3 times but I can’t keep it in place for a permanent connection. Any ideas who can fix it?

  68. Hi – I have a Personal that I bought used and it has worked perfectly for 2 years. Suddenly stopped cutting through any weight of paper. I did the hard reset, went through Cricut Help who walked me through updating the driver , wouldn’t update the firmware as Cricut Design space wont offer support anymore.
    Can you do anything with this machine? I would pay to ship it to you if you could fix it.

    • Im sorry, I really can’t help. These machines are simply not worth the cost of shipping both ways, especially with no guarantee I could fix it in the first place. Your best bet is to find a local electronic repair shop if you can.

  69. I am so impressed that you were able to do all that. I have a Cricut Imagine. I opened it about a year ago and the LCD screen separated from the circuit board. After reading what you were able to accomplish, I found a shop. They called a few minutes ago and said I need to find a Cricut LCD screen. The machine comes on but there is no display. Do you know where I can find a screen? My Cricut Mini will be obsolete July 15, 2018. Please help.

    • I don’t know offhand. You might try ebay, you can make a saved search that will email you whenever new matching items are listed, broken machines come up for sale every so often.

  70. I have a cricut expressions 2 that everything functions, but the screen calibration is off. I have tried all the resets, firmware updates, etc to no avail. I should say I have also tried the built in recalibration method several times and it doesn’t work past the first step or two. Anything ideas?

  71. Do you know if there’s anyway to bypass the cartridge requirement?

    I acquired an Expression (v1) from Good Will. Up’ed the firmware, got Make The Cut v4.1.0 and I want to send a print to it, but I don’t have a cartridge. Would really like to avoid buying one if possible (both out of principal, and because frankly I don’t know if this thing works and don’t want to waste the money). It seems like there should be a way to short the pins on the slot (or build a small circuit that attaches to the pins) and make it register as valid cartridge. I’m definitely willing to do some disassembly/soldering to make it work :).


  72. I have a CRV0001 that powers on but only emits a steady “beeeeeeeep” until I turn it off again. The power cord is brand new and straight from cricut, as I purchased this machine for $15 from fb marketplace without the cord. (The customer service rep was wonderful and even sent me a new mat and a new pack of paper for it.) I figured it was going to be broken at that price, but I thought I’d give repairing it a shot. So far, I’m not finding anything on this particular issue online. Do you have any clue on how I should proceed?

    • That’s really great news about the help from customer support, I’d consider that going above and beyond for such an old machine.
      Not sure what to suggest about diagnosing the issue though. I guess I might start by trying to see if the various power supplies in the machine are working properly (eg measuring the 5v and 12v supplies are actually 5v and 12v).. I’ve found several issues of this sort in the past, which could well result in strange behavior like you are seeing.

  73. Hello All-
    I have a cricut expression that will not load the mat. I have research extensively
    But have not found this issue discussed anywhere yet. Machine powers up and
    Tries to load but the bar does not move. I assume the bar belt is broken. Any tips on opening machine and where to find a replacement belt?


    • The belt is located behind the left side cover. You can remove it by prying off the thin trim cover (a thin plastic wedge or credit card works to pop the clips loose around the edges, or you can just brute=force it, I always throw them away!) – this will reveal the 6 or so phillips-head screws holding the side cover on. If you get these off and find that the belt is actually broken, I can send you a replacement for just the cost of shipping. I’ll email you directly so you can let me know what you find.

  74. I need a limit/reset switch for a cricut cake. I can find some with a 1/4 hole but the threads are about a 1/2 inch long on this one. Can you please point me in the right direction? I sold my working machine on ebay. Then was contacted by the buyer saying it wasn’t working. It looks like they tried to use the awl to take the sides off and
    tried working on it. I have found that the switch is broken maybe shipping or it got dropped. when I make the connection manually the machine works fine

  75. I have a Cricut Expression that has worked great for years. It just all the sudden quit reading cartridges.
    It displays that George and basic shapes is loaded (which I dont have) and cuts George and basic shapes. Regardless of what is loaded.
    I’ve performed a hard reset multiple times.
    No results
    Same problem.
    Any idea what I should do next?


  76. I have a Cricut expression that when plugged in, the power button is the only thing that illuminates and it illuminates in red. No blinking or anything.

    Any suggestions?

    • The power button lights up Red? I’ve never seen that before! The thing it sounds most like is some issue with the power regulator or its immediate circuitry (fried inductor or traces possibly?)

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