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Capturing Cutter Protocol files

As part of learning about HPGL and DMPL plotter protocols recently, I wanted to see some actual samples of code sent to various types machines by any cutting application like MTC or SignCut.

Here's how I did it (in windows):

1) Download and install Eltima Software RS232 Logger and Virtual Serial Port Driver. Unfortunately, although the logger is free software, the VSPD is only a 14 day trial version. You probably can get all the samples you need in just a day or two

2) Using the Virtual Serial Port Driver, create a new pair of virtual serial ports, we'll call them COM1 and COM2.

3) Start the RS232 Data Logger, select COM2, set the baud rate the same as your cutting software will use, and set flow control to None. Select your output file name and click Start logging.

4) Go into your cutting software (MTC, SignCut, etc), configure the cutter type you are interested in (Black Cat, US Cutter, etc...), and set the port to COM1. Make the cut. The software should finish very quickly.

5) Stop the data logger to make sure the file content is flushed, and you are done!

Here is a sample of DMPL code for a test file sent by MTC.

;:H A L0 ECN U U8158,9620;D8167,9620;D8167,9630;D8150,9630;[...];D8463,7116;U0,0;!PG;

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  1. I went back to do some more port logging today and realized the Virtual Serial Port Driver program I was using before was only a 2 week trial. I looked around and found an open source alternative, “com0com” and successfully used that instead.


    One note, I had to use the com0com “setup” program and rename the automatically-created port pair as “COM99” and “COM98” before either one would show up in the Make-the-Cut serial ports dropdown. It probably didn’t like the alternate default virtual serial port naming scheme or something.

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