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Cricut Disassembly

I've been trying to learn all I can about the Cricut hardware and its potential for upgrades and alterations.

Last night I completely disassembled my Cricut Create and took closeup photos of the circuitry. Then, I realized I could completely extract the metal "working" parts of the machine and reassemble outside of the shell. This allows much greater access and room for potential modifications.

At some point I'll build some kind of new "open air" case to display the guts in working condition rather than try to stuff it back in the old case.

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  1. I like how the cricut looks without the outer shell. It is much more manly now, you wouldn’t even know they were marketed to arts and crafts chicks. Once I get the reprap dialed in I can print you a case in some macho black abs. 🙂

  2. Getting all the plastic away helps show the real guts. I’ve been taking a couple chassis and combining the upper chassis to get my x y coordinates. I’ve been trying how to reuse the roller mechanism for the mat. At the moment I’m looking at the cost of milling the roller into an acme thread rod. I’ve amassed quite a collection of the rods after reusing the aluminum bar/track mechanism.

  3. I almost disassembled my first Cricut (it’s Personal, not Expression). I wonder did you disassembled the metal part and reassembled it outside of plastic shell, or there is a way to just take off the shell without doing this? I’m stuck at this phase. Your Freecut works great, by the way, thank you for this large reverse engineering job!

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