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Engraving Aluminum Flashing

I sharpened a 12 penny nail and have been using it to engrave aluminum flashing. A 10" x 10' roll of it is only $8. It's easily cut into to 8"x10" pieces by just scoring a few times with a utility knife and t-square and bending back and forth until it snaps clean.

I use maximum pressure, multicut 4 to engrave all the lines in the metal, then optionally etch the metal.

This is working quite well, but I plan to upgrade the tip to a sharpened tungsten TIG electrode for even better "bite" on the metal.

EDIT 3/11: The sharpened tungsten didn't work out, I was unable to find a way to actually get a fine enough point on the tungsten, so it wouldn't scratch well in all directions..

Instead I bought a hardened steel pre-sharpened scribing tool that I cut in half to fit inside the machine, and have mounted it in the pen holder but not actually tried it yet.

Tonight I'll be demoing all this at the Ignite/Dorkbot @ SXSW 2021: Vision of the Future event at Austin Music Hall from 6-10pm.

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  1. sounds like fun!

    For different patterns, try to find “mezzotint rockers” or other oldschool printing tools. They have a wide spade tip, or a rotating circle, of evenly spaced metal tines. Rolling it back and forth produces a fine pattern useful for varying levels of dents/holes. Alas “rockers” are very pricey, but an equivalent thing found an antique/junk shop along with the farm equipment might be had.

  2. The Hershey Text plugin for Inkscape is a fantastic find for me.

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