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Spring Riders

Ever since my son Zev was born, I keep wishing for adult-sized versions of some of his various toys.

I always loved Spring Riders as a kid, even though I never knew what they were called 🙂 My idea is to make a pair of them for my back yard, a large one for myself and a smaller one for Zev.

Here's a photo of one. You sit on it and hold on tight and it bounces when you shift your weight. There's lots of possible variations from a flat board with a bunch of springs underneath, to a horse on a leaf spring that just rocks forward and back.

Example Spring Rider

Here's a bunch more styles sold by one company "WillyGoat Toyland>". Prices on these range from $500-$3500, but they do have some really great designs, I especially like the Scoop Digger, Round we Go Playground Rider, and the Two-Seat Retro Rocker.

I notice at least one is "constructed of heavy-duty UV stabilized polyethylene", so I was thinking I could construct a skeleton of 1/4", 3/8", and/or 1/2" round mild steel, and use ironed grocery bags for the skin. I also have at least one old motorcycle shock spring for the bottom.

I still have not yet settled on a design for either yet.

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  1. Comment to myself, I thought of achieving UV stabilization by using greenhouse plastic for the top layer(s) of the material.

  2. The Retro Rocker would be the easiest to build. I have some I beam you could use and cut a saddle shape in each end. You could also build a rocket ship shape out of round bar and skin it with thin sheet steel.
    I’m thiking patio furniture with vintage tractor seats mounted on springs. If you fall off your to drunk.


  3. Thinking!

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